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Hi there,

I'm SO grateful to be part of a community of people who are passionate about applying science to thrive at work. Thanks for being part of it! To show my gratitude, I want to offer you two things in this special mailing:

1) FREE e-book: This Is Your Brain on Gratitude! Expressing thanks can easily boost your mood. But it's also easy to fall out of practice or miss opportunities. This short book I wrote a while back contains several applicable ideas based on the science of gratitude. It's not just for Thanksgiving! Download immediately here, for free, no signup required.
2) 20% off Choose Happiness @ Work through Cyber Monday 11/26/18! Wouldn't it be great to play your way to a thriving team? I know firsthand it's not easy to have an engaged, happy team that works well together. But you can get there with the help of this "serious game" and facilitation tool. It teaches the science of thriving at work, while delivering a team-building good time. Through Cyber Monday, Choose Happiness @ Work is 20% off on our site and on Amazon.

With sincere gratitude,
--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer
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P.S. New coaching groups coming soon. Your help requested.

We are planning on launching a couple of new coaching groups in December, and we are asking for your help to make sure we've got them just right before we launch. We're happy to offer you 10% off these groups which will start in January, for answering 4 quick questions now.
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