Science can help you make it a truly happy new year

Hi there,

What if you could truly make 2019 a happier new year? Science can help you.

At the end of the year, we can make ourselves and our colleagues happier by:

* Reflecting on progress
* Taking on new growth goals

So this month, we wanted to reflect on some 2018 progress for Happy Brain Science and our community, and then turn our attention to how to best learn and grow.

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Reflecting on Progress: 2018 Happy Brain Science by the Numbers

As you know if you've seen me present The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work, progress toward clear and meaningful goals fuels happiness at work. Our mission at Happy Brain Science is to help people apply science to thrive at work. The following numbers indicate some of our progress in the past year, none of which would have been possible without people like you supporting Happy Brain Science. I'm hugely grateful for your help in making all of this possible:

# of people subscribing to this newsletter: 6,860; thanks for being one of them! :)
# of presentations given in 2018: 70
# of people in those presentations: ~4,700
# of copies of our Choose Happiness @ Work game sold: ~500
# of coaching groups launched: 2
# of people in first Leading for Happiness coaching group, 1st half of 2018: 9
# of individual executive coaching clients served one-on-one: 8
# of Facebook followers: 2,066
# of Twitter followers: 2,311
# of LinkedIn connections: 3,625
# of YouTube subscribers: 310
# of blogs published: 25

And while it's not a number, I want to give a shout out to the clients who hired us most frequently in 2018. Much gratitude to Boeing, Intel, TriMet, VCA Canada, and Nike for working with Happy Brain Science several times each.

How do you measure and/or celebrate progress?
[Blog] Learning and Growth: The Science of Growth

Why is it so important to learn and grow on the job? How can we best support growth for ourselves and our colleagues on the job? The data comes to life in this story and blog.
As you take new goals, I hope you focus on learning and growth, and make yours SMARTEST goals. If one of your goals is to lead your colleagues to happiness, please read the P.S. below.

With sincere gratitude,
--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer
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P.S. 2 spots still available in our new coaching group Leading for Happiness

Thank you for the great response we had to our new coaching groups! Due to schedule conflicts, we now have room for (only) 2 more leaders in Leading for Happiness. If you are interested in joining what will be a group of great leaders, please reply and we'll see if there's a spot still left. You might end up saying something like this. If you are interested, please reply to let me know.
If you choose to join us on social media, we'll guide you to mastering happiness at work!
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