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Life is made of moments. What are you doing to maximize yours?

This month we offer a review of the book The Power of Moments to help you turn more of your experiences into meaningful, memorable milestones.

Since our most important moments often involve choices, we're also sharing some science to help you make better, happier choices.

Thank you to all of you who responded to last month's newsletter and shared about the transitions you are going through! I heard how exhausting those transitions can be; even good transitions can be tiring. So below I also offer you a video offering several ways to get through tired moments.

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Book Review: The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath

What makes some moments in our lives stand out? How can we create more of these special moments, for ourselves and others in our lives? Chip and Dan Heath weave their typical blend of science and stories to deliver compelling answers.  

Read on our blog.

Blog: Making Happier Choices

Your life is largely the result of your choices. Can science guide us to making happier decisions?

Read the blog to learn the science...then choose happiness!

Video: Tackling Tired Moments

If you are feeling tired, as I have been lately, these 3 strategies can help.

Which of these 3 tips might you choose in order to get through tired times at work?

How can we be most helpful?

I want to know about your toughest moments at work, so that Happy Brain Science might help.

What's your biggest challenge at work? Please hit reply; your message will come straight to me.

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