Your mood doesn't have to fall with the leaves. Let science guide you to a happy fall.

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Fall is officially here, but your mood doesn't have to fall along with the leaves. As summer fades into memory and the days get shorter, many of us struggle to feel engaged and happy at work. But science can help us stay focused and positive, even as the season changes.

Below are two videos and a blog filled with science-backed tips. As the trees let go of their leaves, you can let go of things that aren't working for you, and move toward more happiness.

Thanks for giving me a chance to be your guide in applying science to thrive at work. As always, I encourage you to hit reply and tell me what's on your mind and how I might be helpful. Your email will come straight to me and be kept confidential.

--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer

Let go of your addiction to email! [2 minute video]

It's easier to let go of email when you stop letting others push it in front of you. Here's how.

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3 ways to let go of negativity.

Wouldn't it be great to let go of excess negativity at work? But science suggests our "negativity bias" makes it hard. Discover 3 science-backed ways be more positive.

Read the blog to learn the science.
Photo by Nicholas Punter on Unsplash
Facebook Live video
Letting go of sunlight? Don't be SAD! [3 min. video]

Science tells us that when we move into the dark time of year, our mood often goes dark as well. Studies suggest a simple solution. Brighter days are ahead!

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