Don't just take a break, take a science-based happiness break!

Hi there,

How's it going as you get back into a fall routine? In my house, our visitors have left, our summer vacation is over, and my girls have started school. It's been a challenge!

This month I offer you 3 tips that can help you recover effectively from both planned and unplanned time off, as well as get the rest you need on a regular basis.

Thanks for giving me a chance to help you apply science and thrive at work.

--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer

[3 minute video] Trouble getting back into routine after a vacation?

Me too! Perhaps this solution will help you as much as it helped me.

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[Blog] Happy job hunting

How can you stay happy when your work is to find a job?

Read the blog to learn the science.

[1.5 minute video] Sleep well!

Are you making this mistake that can prevent us from getting sleep? Sleep boosts our mood, memory, and performance, so I hope you'll choose to watch, and sleep well tonight.

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Thanks for taking a break with me! If there's any other way we might be helpful, please hit reply to confidentially let me know. I always appreciate your questions and suggestions.

--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer
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