Why should you care that the name of this month--March--invokes progress?

Because according to Harvard Professor Teresa Amabile's work--summarized in her great book The Progress Principle--progress is key to happiness and engagement at work.

But most leaders don't make progress a priority, according to the scientific data.

I want to help you prioritize progress with the 3 video tips below that together make a sequence:

1) Plan clear and meaningful goals.

2) Adopt a growth mindset so you are more resilient to setbacks.   

2) Get into the zone called 'flow' and signal to others you need to focus.

Please click or read more below for details on how you can make better progress.

Speaking of progress, we are making great progress toward hiring a new Happiness Coordinator to assist in our Portland, Oregon office. If you or your friend is smart, organized, kind, and has excellent administrative and bookkeeping skills, please learn more.

Finally, below are some of the 30+ speaking engagements I have around the world in 2018 so far, in case I'm coming near you (which means I can deliver a session at lower cost).

To your progress; March on!
-Scott, Chief Happiness Officer

Video #1:
Plan, prioritize, then progress

It's not just any progress that brings happiness, it's progress toward clear and meaningful goals.

Please choose to watch to help master your ability to plan your most important work, and tell me if you can relate.
Video #2:
Adopt a growth mindset

Science is clear: you will learn more and be resilient to setbacks if you adopt a growth mindset.

Please watch to learn more and boost your ability to make progress, no matter what comes your way!
Tip #3:
Get them to go away! Getting into Flow, and staying there.

'Flow' is the term scientists use for that zone where everything is clicking for you and you are making great progress. This tool can help you get there and stay there.

If you choose to watch in order to maximize your progress, thanks!
Where Will Scott Be in 2018?
Where can I get a keynote or workshop at a discount?

I'm thrilled to report I have over 30 speaking engagements booked in 2018 already!

I'm based in Portland, Oregon, USA, and therefore won't list my many Oregon--or virtual--engagements.

I also regularly travel the world to deliver the science of happiness and engagement at work. If you are in one of the following locations, and are interested in a keynote or workshop, please reply. I may be able to offer lower rates with less travel costs on dates near these since I'll be in the area already:

  • 3/7: NY, NY
  • 4/8: Calgary, Alberta
  • 6/7: Washington, DC
  • 6/8: Yakima, WA
  • 7/11: LA, CA
  • 9/6: Tacoma, WA
  • 9/23: Toronto, Ontario
  • 10/3: Boston, MA
  • 11/4: Ottawa, Ontario

Please stay tuned for possible dates in Saudi Arabia and Europe...and who knows where else by the end of 2018!

Thanks for reading.

Connecting on social media is a great way to learn more of the latest science of thriving at work and how you can apply it. And I want to learn from you as well. Thanks in advance for connecting!
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