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As I type this, my five-year-old daughter is starting one of her last days at preschool, my nine-year-old is wrapping up third grade, and we are between the unofficial and official start of summer (in the northern hemisphere; hello friends south of the Equator). It's a time of transitions for many of us.

So this month, I'm focused on helping you use science to transition well, whether that's into a new role at work, or simply into some great summer reading.

I hope you will hit reply, tell me what transitions you are going through or have gone through, and share your thoughts about the process.

Chief Happiness Officer

Book Review: Transitions by William Bridges

Change happens quickly in our lives. Transitions happen more slowly inside of us, and feature three phases. But most of us only acknowledge two of them. William Bridges helps us make the most of transitions, by understanding them better.

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Video & Blog:
We Can All Use these 3 Elements of Brad Stevens' Coaching Style

A great coach can help during any transition. Brad Stevens took my Boston Celtics further than anyone expected this season. What can we learn from him?

Watch the video and/or read the blog to learn the science...then discover and use your strengths!
Recommended Reading list

In the northern hemisphere, we are transitioning into summer. Many of us will find more time to read. I highly recommend any one of these 30+ books for those who want their reading to result in flourishing.

Which one of these great science-based books might you choose to read in order to take the next step in mastering happiness at work?

Who is coaching you through transition?

A great coach can help us transition effectively and reach great performance. I'm honored to have the chance to coach clients both one-on-one, and as part of our coaching group called Leading for Happiness. We will be starting at least one new group in the second half of 2018. I invite you to join us!

Please hit reply to tell me what questions you have about coaching and start the application process.

Here's to your successful transitions,
Scott Crabtree, Chief Happiness Officer,
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