What's that person's name?!? Why did you walk into this room?!? Science can help boost memory.


Wouldn't it be great to always remember everyone's name...and everything else you want to remember? I know it's not easy. Human memory is far from perfect. If you wonder why you walked into a room recently, you are not alone.

Fortunately, science can help you teach, learn and remember better. Below are several practical, science-based tips for maximizing memory. Because being too stressed out is not helpful for learning, I'm also including a short video on emotional intelligence.

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--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer

Remember These! 5 More Tips from the Science of Memory!

I previously shared 5 Tips from the Science of Learning (which I hope you've used already). Here are 5 more to help you remember even better!

Read this blog post to boost your memory!
Boost Your Emotional Intelligence at Work
[4-minute video]

Learn to identify the emotions that you and others are having. Use that knowledge to work more effectively with others as EQ helps boost IQ and memory.

Read the blog or watch the video!
Quick Exercise to Boost your Memory
[1-minute FB Live video]

Having trouble remembering something? Try this short exercise and you can remember it - even if you might look a bit crazy doing it!

Watch the video (and try the exercise yourself).
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