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I know you're trying to be your Best Self. You're constantly striving to make a positive difference, take actions that align with your beliefs, and nurture joy and connection. At the same time, you're juggling a wide range of complex—and often competing—relationships and responsibilities. As you navigate those ongoing challenges, you may think, "I wish I had a coach to help me clarify and reach my goals!"

If so, you're not alone! Partnering with a coach to make progress toward the life you envision is a powerful tool for growth and discovery. It can free up (and focus) your energy. It can supercharge your insights—and your impact.

My name is Kim Menig, and I work with Scott Crabtree at Happy Brain Science.
We're offering an incredibly affordable 2019 coaching opportunity:

  • Schedule at your convenience—in Portland or remotely, with daytime & evening options.
"I can't speak highly enough about Kim.   She really listened to my issues and was able to make connections that I didn't see before.

She really got me to dig deeper inside and find ways to overcome whatever it is that I was struggling with. She is extremely caring and insightful and if you get a chance to work with her, consider yourself lucky. Thank you so much Kim!"

Taylor, NASM CPT
"Kim is an incredible coach! She is an amazing listener - she really heard me. She helped me understand my goals and lay out a concrete plan to accomplish them.

Kim is also a great motivator, she is honest and direct but positive and upbeat. It was a pleasure to work with her and I am definitely a better version of myself after working with her!"

-Nicole, MBA student & former non-profit Development Co-Director

As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), my coaching approach is collaborative & confidential.

I'd love to have a
FREE, no-obligation conversation to explore whether coaching would be engaging and valuable for you. Please get in touch at or (503) 709-1286. Let's chat about possibilities!
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