The only thing constant in the world is change. While difficult, science can help you get through transitions more effectively!


There is nothing permanent except change.” - Heraclitus

Once again, this is Cathy Jimenez, Happiness Coordinator and Presenter/Facilitator for Happy Brain Science across Asia. August has come calling, and it signals a transition on the horizon—from summer to autumn for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and from winter to spring for those in the Southern part of the globe.

The world is in constant change, and the pace of change is getting faster⁠—which can be difficult and stressful. Multiple studies have shown that changes and transitions may lead to work stress and sleep challenges, as well as other health issues.

Don't fret! In this month's newsletter, we'll share a few ways you can subdue the stress that arises due to transitions⁠—including exploring insights from positive psychology & coaching.

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--Cathy Jimenez
Happiness Coordinator/Workshop Presenter across Asia
Positive Psychology & Coaching: A Practical Framework
[NEW blog post]

Scott and Kim attended a presentation by
Dr. Margarita Tarragona about how positive psychology⁠—the science of flourishing—can be applied to boost well-being.

Find out what they learned!

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Book Review: Transitions by William Bridges
[Book review]

What is the difference between a change and a transition? How can you effectively cope with transitions as an individual or as an organization?

Scott's review of the book Transitions by William Bridges touches on these questions and more!

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Mindfulness, Flow & CoachingOh, My!
[NEW blog post]

You've probably heard that mindfulness and flow are 2 of the "big ideas" in modern positive psychology.

But how do they relate to each other? New research points in a surprising direction.

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