Let science guide you to more engagement, success, and happiness at work.


Happy September! It's time to get re-engaged at work. I know it's not easy, but  science can guide us to more engagement for ourselves and our colleagues.

With the end of summer and vacations (for most of us in the northern hemisphere, at least), I hope you've had some recent opportunities for relaxation and adventures. I'm filled with gratitude because I was able to take an amazing road trip to 5 national parks with my family this summer. Energized by that experience, I found myself excited to return to work. Taking a real break helped me feel fully engaged as I got back into the swing of things.

Merriam-Webster defines engagement as "emotional involvement or commitment". Do you and your colleagues feel that commitment as you return to a regular schedule? I hope so, because studies show that engaged employees not only perform better, but have better lives outside of work, too.

Considering that we spend about 1/3 of our life at work, wouldn't it be great to feel passionate about the work we do? To feel that it is a calling, not just a job or a career? But I know how hard it can be to get engaged at work, and help others do the same.

This month we offer you blog posts and even a video of a complete presentation that will guide you to driving more employee engagement at work!

If you manage a leader that needs to improve how they engage their team, I hope you'll choose to forward this to them. Please hit reply and tell me what questions or feedback you have! Your reply will come straight to me and I'll be delighted to respond!
--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer
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What Does Happiness Have to Do with Employee Engagement?
[NEW blog post]

Should you be more focused on happiness or engagement at work? Is it possible to achieve both at the same time?

Let Cathy Jimenez guide you to better insights and actions to help you earn both happiness and engagement.

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Gamifying Engagement: What Leaders Can Learn from Game Designers
[1 hour video: complete presentation!]

How do video games do such a great job of engaging over 155 million players who spend over 15 billion dollars each year, just in the USA? What can we learn from these masters of engagement? Watch this complete presentation and learn!
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Want to Boost Employee Engagement? Try Collaboration & Delegation!
[NEW blog post and video]

As leaders, why should we build better relationships at work by collaborating with or delegating tasks to our team members? And why do we find it difficult to do this?

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