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This is Cathy Jimenez, Happiness Coordinator and Presenter/Facilitator for Happy Brain Science across Asia. I hope you're enjoying summer (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere) and making time for rest and play no matter where you are.

Scott Crabtree is practicing what we preach at Happy Brain Science and taking a real break. He's currently enjoying a long-awaited trip, visiting multiple national parks with his family! To help make sure his chance to play in nature doesn't create too much post-vacation catch-up, I'm covering Scott's e-mails until July 19.

Play and gamification within the workplace can also help reduce stress and improve productivity. A study performed by Brigham Young University showed a 20% increase in productivity for teams that played a collaborative video game together for just 45 minutes.

This month, we're offering insights on using play & gamification to build happy, productive teams.

We're truly grateful that you're part of the Happy Brain Science community, and we'd love to hear whatever is on your mind. Please feel free to hit "reply" and share your thoughts. We'll be delighted to respond!
--Cathy Jimenez
Happiness Coordinator/Workshop Presenter across Asia
Let’s Vote: Crowdsourcing & Gamifying Change
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A gamified version of Appreciative Inquiry can inspire solutions to tricky issues. Learn how to identify and solve problems while creating an interactiveand educationalexperience for your colleagues.

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Level-Up Your Leadership!
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How do video games engage us so well? And what can leaders learn from the science of video games?

The answers are in this FREE e-book: Level-Up Your Leadership: The Science of Gamifying Engagement.

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Vanellope and Ralph Have ARMSDo You?
[NEW guest post]

What do Vanellope, Ralph, and Scott have in common? They all have ARMS!

Anne Meixner, Ph.D., offers this fun and informative take on how the movie Ralph Breaks The Internet illustrates the key factors that boost engagement from Scott's e-book, Level-Up Your Leadership.

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Happy Brain Science joins Amazon Prime Day!

Gamify employee engagement & play your way to a thriving team! It's a blast with our card game and facilitation tool, Choose Happiness @ Work!

In celebration of Amazon's Prime Day, Happy Brain Science's signature game will be on sale for 25% off!

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If you choose to join us on social media, we'll share ways to master happiness at work!
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