Too busy to take a break? Science suggests you're too busy to NOT take a break!


Almost all the leaders I talk with lately feel overloaded, distracted, and exhausted. If that sounds like you, I feel you! When I have to juggle many different tasks at the same time, I often end up feeling that way, too.

While it's not easy, it's possible to get more prioritization, focus, and rest in your work life. Science can guide us to better choices.

So this month we're sharing strategies to take real, effective breaks. In particular, science--and therefore Happy Brain Science--recommends mindfulness as a uniquely helpful approach.

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--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer
What is a Community Table and how can it boost your break?
[NEW <2 minute video]

Sometimes science finds surprising, simple ways to boost relationships and results. This one might help you and your colleagues take better breaks, so you can return to work rested and ready to go!

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A New Break Is Not a Waste of Time!
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When was the last time you gave yourself a real break? And how recently have you done something new with a hiatus? The answers may be affecting your happiness, and therefore your success.

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3 Videos, 1 Mindful Playlist
[3 videos under 5 minutes each]

Because science suggests being mindful is one of the best ways we can take a break and boost our brain, this YouTube playlist features 3 videos:

1) An introduction to mindfulness: what is it?
2) How do you do a short body scan meditation?
3) How can you be mindful of your breathing?

Watch one or more videos in this playlist!
Coaching is an investment in yourself and your success. Choose something new to get new results!

One way of giving yourself a break is to get fresh insights and perspective. Almost all great performers have coaches, do you?

My colleague Kim Menig is a
great coach, and she's available at a special low introductory rate! Please email Kim to start a conversation and learn more.

Thanks for considering it, and for reading!

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