Science suggests progress fuels engagement and happiness at work. How? Read on...


As we march on towards spring (bad "dad pun" intended ;), have you taken a look at what you have completed over the past few months? Due to "negativity bias", we typically notice what we still need to do more than what we have already achieved. But science suggests that making and taking note of progress toward clear and meaningful goals fuels happiness and engagement at work.

This month, we are featuring content to help you visualize, describe, and celebrate progress at work. I'd love to hear what's on your mind. Please hit reply and tell me!

--Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer

Describing Progress for Success!
[2 minute video]

How do we define and describe progress indicators to fuel happiness and engagement at work?

Read the blog or watch the video!
Visualize Progress

How will Chris help Adam's team visualize the progress they are making? Can you do something similar at your workplace?

Read this blog post to find out. interview
Make Progress by Collaborating with Other Generations
[ interview]

For most modern work, we can make more progress when collaborating with others. But how can you work more successfully with people from different generations? I was delighted to share my experience-and some science-in this interview.

Read the article and collaborate better with other generations to make more progress.
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